www.americanexpress.com/applicationstatus – Check application status of Amex Express

To check application status of American Express:

1. Nowadays, customers of American Express cardholders can monitor their card application status by using an exclusively made online portal. Additionally, they are also allowed to check their balance transfer approval in this portal.

2. Those customers who are already holding an AMEX card, they can visit the mentioned link www.americanexpress.com/confirmcard for the activation of the card.

3. Customers need to be conscious that they can’t see the credit line increase request status by using the card application status tool.

AmEx creates an easy hassle free way for their customers to check new card application status. Customers of American Express don’t need to wait an hour to get a status update. They also can visit AmEx’s online portal to get their application status on a real-time basis.

check status of american express application

Necessary information:

1. To check the status of the card successfully, customers need their zip code and social security number.
2. The Card Application Status tool will show the status of balance transfer if customer application comprises a request of the balance transfer.
3. Securing customers credentials is always an utmost priority of AmEx. AmEx’s card application status page is completely protected and secured.

Application status checking is a completely free service. But keep in mind that simply applying for a card doesn’t mean that it will get a guaranteed approval and also note that application process may take time. If the application status page shows that you are in the approval process step, it never means that application process will get faster through the system.

Customers can view their application status of AmEx card by following the below-mentioned procedures:

1. Go to the mentioned link- americanexpress.com/applicationstatus after confirming that you have your zip code and social security number.
2. Remember that you don’t need to put any dashes between the digits while entering your information. While doing so, you will get an error prompt.
3. Your information will be displayed automatically after clicking on “Check Application Status”.

AmEx always keeps the control to the customer’s hand so that customers can monitor and operate their card at the outset. AmEx’s card application status tool always allows their customer to track the status of the application on a real-time basis.

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