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How To Respond To Citi Credit Card Offer

Looking for steps on How To Respond To Citi Credit Card Offer? The Citi Credit Card invitation is sent to the individuals who qualify for the Citi Credit Card due to their good credit score. If you have a good credit or are an existing customer of the Citi Bank then you can receive the Citi Credit Card Offer.

The offer you received from the Citi Bank would contain a four digit code which is to be used for verification. Once you have the credit card you can use it for travel, cash backs or any other credit card. Read the guide below for how to respond to Citi Credit Card Offer.

Citi Credit Card Benefits

  • As you might be aware of the fact that Citi is the issuer of a wide range of credit cards such as travel cards, retail cards and more.
  • It you are a customer of the Citi Bank you can get a lot of benefits such as online account management and more.
  • The online account management service of the bank allows the customers to sign into their respective banking account anytime they wish.
  • One can view your account activities, current account balance using the web services of the credit card provider.

How to Respond to the Citi Bank Credit Card Pre-Approved Offer

  • Anyone who is willing to get the Citi Bank Credit Card by accepting the pre-approved offer needs to visit the credit cards invitation page. www.apply.citicards.com

Citi Credit Card Offers

  • Wait for a while till the webpage opens there will be a section labelled welcome to Citi.
  • In order to apply you need to enter the offer code and click on the ‘Apply Now’ button.

Online Services Offered by the Citi Bank

  • The Citi Bank offers a broad array of online services. You can pay credit card bills.
  • View account balance online
  • Register for updates.
  • Review account statements.

Citi Credit Card Customer Service

If you have any queries you can get in touch with the Citi Bank. Call on the following numbers to resolve issues.

Credit card application and check status– 1-888-201-4523

General support– 1-800-325-2865


The Citi Bank Credit Card Offers a broad array of incentives which can be used towards travel or regular purchases. If you have received the pre-approved credit card offer from the Citi Bank then you can easily get the card in a matter for a few minutes.


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