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How To Check Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card Balance

Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card Balance can be accessed through an internet connected device. It is issued and serviced by the InComm Financial Services. You can use the credit card in the District of Columbia as well as in the United States. Furthermore these can be accessed wherever PULSE Card or Debit MasterCard is accepted.

The Vanilla MasterCard is a prepaid card that has made gift shopping plight easier. When you want to gift someone, but you seem clueless what exactly he/she prefers you could use gift cards as these are generic and can be used to purchase anything. The Vanilla MasterCard can be used at retail stores as well as online.

Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card Usage Instructions

  • If you are willing to check your Vanilla Gift Card Balance Online then you must sign into the gift card account.
  • Shopping with the Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card is easy. You just need to produce the card at the counter during the time of purchase.
  • However, for debit card transactions one needs to select a PIN as per your preference.
  • You can automatically get the amount of the purchased item deducted from your account in order to avoid any inconvenience.
  • For checking your card balance one needs to dial 1-800-680-5938. You could also check your card balance online.

More Payment Options

If the value of the item you purchased is more than the remaining amount of your card then you can use debit card or credit card in order to check the remaining value. While you make a purchase you must tell the cashier the amount of money you wish to have in order to pay using the other payment options discussed.

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How to Check Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card Balance

Are you willing to check your prepaid gift card in order to make an in-store or online purchase then you need to check the remaining balance.

  • Individuals who are looking forward to check their Vanilla Gift Card Balance must open the balance check page. www.getcardbalance.com
  • Once the website opens you will find a section labelled ‘Check your card balance, view account history and more’.

vanilla visa gift card balance

  • Enter the following information in order to get started with balance check:
  • Card number
  • Expiration date
  • CVV


To check the Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card Balance you need to have a few things handy. Once you have the details you need to fetch them at the website of the Vanilla and submit.


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